Millville Lake Dam Rehabilitation Project

Millville Lake Dam Rehabilitation ProjectIn 2016 the Town of Salem received a Letter of Deficiency from NHDES regarding Millville Lake Dam illustrating seepage in various areas of the dam and concerns regarding the structural value of the existing concrete. Since that time, the Town has completed various tasks including but not limited to inundation mapping for flooding conditions, survey and topography for dam and respective levels, concrete structural analysis, geotechnical investigation, and permitting outlay. Historical dam construction and repair records were reviewed in relation to existing conditions for evaluation of methods of repair for recommendation.

Design funding for the reconstruction/rehabilitation of the dam has already been funded. Preliminary engineering is underway and considering multiple methods of rehabilitation, with final design expected in late 2023.

Municipal Services applied to NHDES for consideration of this dam for their ARPA designated funding for high hazard dams. We were notified in November that the Town has been approved for a 100% grant in the amount of up to $1,000,000 to be used during the construction phase of the project.

Total construction cost estimates are currently $2,000,000