Utility Relocation

Project Description

In association with the Depot Intersection Reconstruction project significant utility relocation work, for both public and private utilities, is required. The Depot Intersection is currently housing underground utilities including new public sewer and water, which was installed as part of the South Broadway Sewer, Water and Bridge Improvement project, along with existing drainage, natural gas, and Consolidated Communications fiber optics. Defelice Corporation replaced the 100+ year old water main from the previous limits of the South Broadway Sewer, Water and Bridge Improvement project to Willow Street and Pleasant Street respectively.

Private utilities are permitted to exist within the Right-of-Way (ROW) when it is in the best interest of the general public to which they serve. This is subject to change, particularly if relocation of a private utility becomes necessary for public health, safety, or convenience. This past March, Unitil (natural gas) connected its main line gap through the Main Street corridor from Broadway crossing Rail Trail to allow for a more efficient looping system. All aspects of the Depot Intersection project will take steps toward implementation of the Depot Intersection Redevelopment Concept Plan. Specifically, as part of the private utility relocation work for this project all utility poles that currently exist within a 350-foot radius of the intersection will be removed. All power and communications lines, including the Town of Salem fiber assets, will be relocated underground in duct banks. The private communications companies (Comcast, Consolidated Communications, Crown Castle, First Light and Verizon Business) have partnered with the Town to construct a duct bank system to be shared by all parties. The Mirra Company has completed the utility duct bank relocation.

Lead Department: Municipal Services Department - Engineering Division
Engineering Project Manager: James Danis, Capital Projects Engineer
Funding: Town/Private Utilities
Contractor: The Mirra Company, Inc.