Intersection Reconstruction

Project Description

The primary purpose of this reconstruction project is to address the operational deficiencies and safety concerns within the Salem Depot intersection. Traffic safety improvements, including opportunities for pedestrians to comfortably travel through the intersection, was a central component of this project through design. Designated left hand turn lanes have been constructed on Broadway (NH Route 28) to Main Street alleviating substandard conditions that have resulted in accidents and major traffic congestion in a dense part of town. The Depot Intersection Reconstruction Project limits are:

  • Broadway (NH Route 28): From the intersection of Main Street north 1,000 linear feet; and from the intersection of Main Street south 1,000 linear feet.
  • Main Street (NH Route 97): From the intersection of Broadway (NH Route 28) west approximately 200 linear feet; and from the intersection of Broadway (NH Route 28) east approximately 200 linear feet.

All of the physical roadway widening takes place on the west side of Broadway (NH Route 28) with the east side predominately holding its existing curb line. Reconstruction provided wider concrete sidewalks which are ADA compliant to better accommodate pedestrian traffic. The project also provides redefinition of driveway curb cuts and installation of new granite curbing which enhances pedestrian and roadway safety as well as visual appeal. The roadway of Broadway (NH Route 28) and Main Street have been fully reconstructed.

This intersection is a primary corridor for Central Fire. The reconstructed intersection provides improvements which allow emergency vehicles to pass through much quicker for calls to the west side of town. Another aspect of the project is providing aesthetic street scape improvements through the intersection. These aesthetic improvement include, concrete sidewalk, granite curb, decorative traffic signals and street lighting, as well as a new signalized crossing for the Rail Trail. Ultimately, the project will improve the flow of all modes of traffic through the Depot Intersection.

General Info

Lead Department: Municipal Services Department - Engineering Division
Engineering Project Manager: James Danis, Project Engineer
NHDOT Project Manager: C. R. Willeke, Municipal Highways Engineer
Funding: Federal/State/Town
Design Engineer: Vanasse Hangen Bristlin, Inc. (VHB)
Construction Engineer: McFarland Johnson