Lake Street & Bluff Street Area Water Main Extension Projects

Water Main Extension Projects (Currently in Design)

Task A: Lake Street/Bluff Street Project Description

  • Task A: Lake Street / Bluff Street ExtensionExtend the existing 12 inch ductile iron water main on Lake Street (adjacent to house Number 106 Lake Street) approximately 2,500 linear feet to existing 12 inch ductile iron water main at the Bluff Street intersection on Lake Street.
  • Extend existing 16 inch ductile iron water main on Bluff Street at the intersection of Scotland Avenue approximately 4,300 linear feet to existing 8 inch ductile iron water main on Bluff (adjacent to 67 Bluff Street) connecting in Kashmir Drive.
  • Extend new water main at the intersection of Bluff Street and Millville Street approximately 1,900 linear feet to existing 12 inch ductile iron water main on Millville Street (adjacent to house Number 160)

Task B: Samoset Drive Neighborhood/Putnam Farm Road Project Description

  • Task B: Samoset Drive Neighborhood / Putnam Farm Road ReplacementReplace existing water system for the Samoset Drive neighborhood. Work would include the installation of approximately 6,000 linear feet of new water main connecting to the new water main on Lake Street. Streets include Samoset Drive, Penobscot Avenue, Mascoma Road and Kiowa Road. The streets are public but the existing water system is made of plastic and privately owned by the neighborhood association. New mains would become the responsibility of the Town of Salem, NH.
  • Install new water main on Putnam Farm Road connecting to new water main from Bluff Street. Existing neighborhood is on private wells.

Project Status

These projects are currently in the design phase. The Town's engineering consultant, Weston and Sampson, is working on the designs which are expected to be completed by the end of the year. Once the designs are finalized, the projects will be put out for bidding. If funding is authorized by the Town during the annual budget process, construction could begin as soon as spring of 2024.

If you would like additional information about these projects, contact Todd Welch in the Engineering Department at 603-890-2030.