South Broadway Sewer, Water, & Bridge Improvements (Completed)

In 2018 voters approved Article 5 in the amount of $11,650,000 for the South Broadway Sewer, Water, and Bridge Improvement Project. The project replaced failing infrastructure along a 1.6-mile segment of Broadway between Willow Street and Cluff Crossing Road. This complex utility improvement project included installation of a new 24" diameter sewer interceptor, at 20-foot depths in some areas, that redirects sewer flows away from Main Street and Granite Avenue to reduce/eliminate surcharging and backups and replacement of the 100-year-old water main which was plagued by major failures particularly at the Main Street and Broadway Intersection (the Depot Intersection) with a new 12" diameter ductile iron water main the replacement of over 130 service connections to the various properties (for both sewer and water). 

To complete this work, 10" thick reinforced concrete panels (the original highway surface) buried underneath the asphalt had to be removed ultimately providing two clear paths for utility installation within the roadway. In addition to the sewer and water improvements, project work included replacement of an undersized box culvert located near Westchester Street. The culvert, constructed of granite blocks, was installed with the original concrete panel road and conveys water from the Millville Lake watershed southward to the Policy Brook watershed and ultimately to the Spicket River. The culvert structure was extended several times over the last century as the roadway was widened. This segment of roadway was overtopped many times in the past 50 years during significant wet weather events. 

The new culvert structure is a prefabricated reinforced concrete, span arch structure more than double the size of the old box culvert and designed to safely convey flows identified through the floodplain study performed as part of the Tuscan Development. Due to its increased size, this culvert structure is now classified as a bridge by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT).

This monumental project, with work occurring through two winter seasons and a pandemic, was completed on schedule and under budget. Project work, occurring in one of the busiest corridors in the State of New Hampshire which averages over 30,000 cars per day, began in May 2018 and was completed by May 2020. Underwood Engineers was the project designer and construction resident supervisor for the Town with DeFelice Corporation as the general contractor. Due to the complexity of the work, there was also engineering support from CDM Smith and Hoyle, Tanner and Associates. The Municipal Services Department managed the project through its Engineering Division with support from the Utilities and Public Works Divisions.

General Info

  • Lead Department: Municipal Services Department - Engineering Division 
  • Project Manager: Roy Sorenson, Municipal Services Director 
  • Design Engineers: Underwood Engineers, CDM Smith 
  • Funding: Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds (SRF) 
  • Construction Contractor: DeFelice Corporation

Interactive Project Map - Construction is complete. Access archived progress reports here.