Salem Fee Schedule for Windham

The Southern Interconnect Agreement was approved by the State of New Hampshire on April 22, 2019. This Agreement regarding the Southern New Hampshire Regional Water Interconnection Project included the following parties: The Town of Derry, New Hampshire; Manchester Water Works (MWW); the Town of Plaistow, New Hampshire; the Town of Windham, New Hampshire; the Town of Salem, New Hampshire; Hampstead Area Water Company, Inc. (HAWC); and Pennichuck East Utility, Inc. (PEU). The Parties and the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) worked collaboratively to facilitate the development, construction, and operation of infrastructure that interconnects the water systems of MWW, Derry, Salem, HAWC (in Atkinson and Hampstead) and Plaistow to enable potable water to flow from the MWW source through the aforementioned entities' water systems or service territories. The Town of Salem administered the engineering and construction of this project for Windham as they do not have a public utility moreover specific source of water. PEU who owns the water franchise within Windham chose to surrender a specific portion of their territory to enable this project to be administered by Salem who now owns and controls the associated infrastructure in Windham. All costs associated with the engineering and construction were borne by NHDES through monies acquired by major lawsuits regarding MtBE contamination. The following was engineered and constructed to move water through the Town of Windham including service thereof to those properties in the Salem Service Area of Windham:

  • Approximately 14,000 linear feet of 20-inch transmission water main along Rockingham Road (Route 28) from the intersection of Route 28 and Goodhue Road south of the Derry-Windham town line to the intersection of Rockingham Road (Route 28) and Route 111 in Windham;
  • Approximately 2,200 linear feet of 16-inch water main in Rockingham Road (Route 28) from the intersection with Route 111 in Windham to the Windham-Salem town line;
  • A meter station including pressure reducing valve (PRV) and chemical feed system on Northland Road in Windham;
  • A pressure-reducing valve (PRV) on Rockingham Road (Route 28) near the Windham-Salem town line at the Rail Trail Parking Lot;
  • Approximately 650 linear feet of 16-inch water main in Rockingham Road (Route 28) from the Windham-Salem town line to the existing Salem water system; and
  • Approximately 4,500 linear feet of 12-inch water transmission main to be located along Route 111 from the meter located at the intersection of Rockingham Road (Route 28) to the west side of the intersection of Route 111 (Indian Rock Road) and Route 111A (Range Road) to a meter pit at PEU's existing system at Edgewood Drive.

The Town of Salem and the Town of Windham entered into an Inter-Municipal Agreement that enables Salem to provide water service to customers in the Windham. Salem will charge retail customers located within the service area in Windham rates 15% above the rates charged by Salem to its in-town customers, which rates shall include all Customary Fees and Other Charges established by Salem in its Schedule of Fees, and as set forth in Chapter 455, Utility Demand and Benefit Assessments, and Chapter 477, Water, of the Salem Municipal Code and as permitted by law in particular, RSA 362:4, III-a(a)(l), including as approved by Public Utilities Commission Order 26545. The current rates are attached and if you would like more information please contact The Town of Salem Finance Department at 603-890-2040.