C&D Coupons & TV / Monitor Coupons

C&D Coupons: $25 each

C&D Coupons are available for purchase for Salem residents at the Town Clerk's/Collections Office 603-890-2110. Coupons are $25 each and are good for use up to 500 pounds (to be disposed of at one time). Anything over that weight will be charged at $0.07 per pound, in cash only, at the time of disposal. The C&D Coupons are only to be used to dispose of wood, construction, and other materials at the LL&S Transfer Station (privately owned) at 87 Lowell Road, Salem, NH. Please call LL&S at 603-894-9800 for acceptable materials for disposal, hours of operation, and any further questions. There is a limit of three coupons per household per year. Please note these coupons are separate from the three Transfer Station Bulky coupons issued with your Transfer Station Permit.

TV/Monitor Coupon: $10 each

Effective October 6, 2009 - A video device coupon is required to be attached to any video device with a screen measuring 4" or greater diagonally. Coupons can be obtained at the Town Hall collection window, one coupon is required for each device.