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Launch of Real-Time News Website Version of the Salem Town Hall Times

In February 2024, the Town of Salem launched a revamped version of its monthly newsletter, the Town Hall Times. This pivotal new platform allows the Town of Salem to post articles in real-time about Town news and happenings, community news and events, and other important information in Salem. 

All posts are available to the public for FREE. No subscription is required and there are no advertisements on the website.

The new Town Hall Times website is updated continuously and provides the public with the opportunity to subscribe to any and all categories they are interested in receiving news on. Applicable subscription categories include:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Business
  • Community
  • Elections
  • Municipal
  • Public Safety
  • Public Works
  • Recreation
  • Salem Community Television (SCTV) / Government TV

You can visit the new Town Hall Times by clicking the picture above this section or by visiting:

The purpose of this new Town Hall Times is to serve as an aggregate for municipal press releases, community information, public meetings and hearings, regional and State of New Hampshire news. The mission of this initiative is to raise awareness, make public information easily accessible, and to encourage residents to get involved in their community and local government. 

Legacy Town Hall Times

From April 2017 to March 2020, the Town Hall Times was created in the form of a physical and electronic bi-weekly newsletter. The Town Hall Times was halted during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Starting up again in April 2022, the Town moved to a fully electronic monthly newsletter using the MailChimp emailing service. The monthly newsletter ended in January 2024 when the Town launched the real-time website version of the Town Hall Times.

The legacy versions of the Town Hall Times are still available in the Archive Center links below.

Please click here to view the legacy versions of the Town Hall Times newsletter.