Mission Statement

The Fleet Section mission is to properly maintain and inspect all town vehicles for the municipal services department and Town Hall vehicles in a cost efficient manner.


The responsibility of this section is to ensure that front line emergency response equipment stays up and functioning during the course of town wide snow emergencies, water main breaks, floods, and other emergencies. The routine equipment maintenance plan, requires this section to ensure that all vehicles and equipment receive thorough inspections at least once per year. This is in accordance with the State of NH Department of Transportation (DOT) specifications. Fleet staff will also respond to vehicle/equipment breakdowns in the field to ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum which helps the department maximize project efficiencies. The Fleet section manages the inventory including preventative maintenance, repairs, deferment, and capital replacement.

Our Fleet Includes:

  • 14 Large Trucks With Plows, Wings, Salters And Dump Body Combos.
  • 5 One Ton Dump Truck With Plows
  • 1 Grader W/Wing And Plow
  • 3 Loaders With Plows
  • 2 Backhoes With Plow
  • 3 Trackless Sidewalk Machines With Blowers
  • 12 - One Ton Pick Ups And Utility Body Trucks With Plows