District Court Facility Assessment

CourthouseThe purpose of this assessment was to identify any existing deficiencies in the building or site that the Town should plan to address. The report is divided into four main sections. The first section gives an overview of the architectural features of the building including the exterior façade, roof, and interior finishes. The second and third sections address the major mechanical and electrical equipment and associated deficiencies, respectively. The final section is an in‐depth discussion of the surrounding site, including drainage issues and the wastewater management system.

Accurate and concise condition assessment data is essential for proper planning for maintenance, improvements, and capital improvements. This condition assessment is intended for use by the Town of Salem as a tool for budget planning for the allocation of resources on a priority basis. It is hoped that by determining the nature and extent of problems, and providing options for corrective action, items may be addressed before more serious damage or failure can occur. The purpose of this facility audit is to report conditions that are in need of repairs and upgrade, conditions that do not comply with current building and safety codes, and confirm that the facility operates as designed structurally, mechanically, and electrically.

Project Objectives

  • To provide an accurate accounting of all items that may be classified as deferred maintenance or capital repair/improvements.
  • To calculate opinions of cost for all identified maintenance and capital improvement items using an established method of construction and cost estimating data.
  • To assemble a report and database that identifies a 10‐year capital planning cycle to address all identified maintenance items.

It is the intention that the results of this facility audit will ultimately be used to identify a prioritization of capital repair and replacement projects for the Salem District Courthouse.