Road Committee


The Road Committee serves in an advisory capacity and make recommendations to the Town Council on town-wide road improvements. The Road Committee provides input for the 10 Year Road Program.

The largest, and perhaps most important, asset of municipal infrastructure are roads. Paved roads are used as a primary mode of transportation and preserving their condition should be a top priority. Municipalities are best served implementing a Pavement Management Plan that uses geographic information system (GIS) technology to measure and evaluate road conditions, while creating comprehensive data. This process allows a municipality to maximize its reinvestment in a feasible manner while maintaining a sound road network.


The public is welcome to attend meetings!

Agendas & Minutes

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Roy SorensonChairMunicipal Services Director
James DanisVice ChairCapital Engineer
John Klipfel
SecretaryDeputy Director, Engineering
Geoff BensonVoting MemberDeputy Director, Public Works
Cathy Ann Stacey
Voting Member
Town Council Representative
Todd Welch
Non-Voting Member
Project Engineer