Zoning Code Enforcement


The Planning Division is responsible for administering zoning complaints in the Town of Salem, and for ensuring compliance with land use decisions and the Zoning Ordinance. Please refer to the New Laws section for the most recent amendments to the Zoning Ordinance.

Planning staff will make every attempt to assist the owner/operator of a property, where a violation has been found, to understand the code, and work towards compliance. This assistance will occur at all levels of investigation with the objective being to bring the issue into compliance. Compliance measures may range from verbal directives to formal cease and desist orders. If a project does not meet the regulations, this office will direct the owner/operator to the Planning Board or Zoning Board for resolution of the issue.

Examples of Code Issues

Zoning code issues range from questions concerning individual lots to subdivisions and neighborhoods. Questions may include what is permitted on your lot or a neighbor's, size restrictions, building setbacks (PDF), wetlands, unregistered vehicles on a lot, signs, commercial uses (PDF), etc.

Contact Us

For those seeking enforcement, please complete the Zoning Complaint Form (PDF) to report possible Zoning violations or concerns and return it to the Planning Division at Town Hall, or contact Planning Director Jacob LaFontaine.