We just got married in New Hampshire. What do we do now?

Congratulations on your recent nuptials and best wishes to a happy future together!!

Now, on to the essentials:

  1. Officiant returns the original, completed Marriage License, along with any special officiant marriage waivers from the Secretary of State of New Hampshire, to the Town/City Hall that you attained your Marriage License from. Every block in the "OFFICIANT" section of the license must be filled in by the Officiant.
  2. Request and pay for Marriage Certificates. We do not automatically send out the Marriage Certificates due to the privacy laws of the State of New Hampshire. You must request and pay for them, first. While any town/city clerk in the State of NH can access the vital records database, please refer to the specific town's/city's procedures. In Salem, we highly encourage you to order your Marriage Certificates online. Otherwise, you can request them by mail (PDF). Further details about requesting Marriage Certificates, or any other vital records, can be found on our Certified Vital Records page
  3. Once you receive your Marriage Certificate, you can legally change your name, if applicable. Start with the Social Security Administration to attain an updated Social Security card. Once you receive your new Social Security card, then you can proceed to:
    • Your local Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV)/Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to update your driver's license
    • Your banking institution(s) to update your account(s)
    • Your insurance company to update your coverage
    • Your doctor's office to update your records
    • Your professional licensing institutions/agencies, so forth and so on

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