I just moved to Salem. How do I register my vehicle(s)?

Welcome to Salem!! With any luck, you will quickly discover that here is way better than there!

Per state law, you have 60 days to convert your driver's license and vehicle registration(s) if you moved from out of state. If you moved within the State of NH, you have 30 days to update your address.

In both cases, you will need to establish Residency with the Assessing Department. The Assessing Department is located in the bottom floor, backside of the Town Hall. Please see their Residency procedures on the Becoming a Resident page. Once Residency is established, you may register your vehicle(s) per our instructions in the following FAQ: Registering a Vehicle in Salem.

For new residents to the State of NH, you can register your vehicle(s) prior to attaining a NH Driver's License. However, we highly recommend you make an appointment with the NH Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to attain your NH license in the meantime. You may also call the NH DMV directly to make an appointment at 603-227-4000, although your wait time may be lengthy.

For NH residents moving from another NH town/city into Salem, you do not need a new license or vehicle registration (if it is not due for renewal, yet). You may change your address directly with the NH DMV by completing a Record Change Request Form (PDF) and mailing it directly to the address on the form, or dropping it off at the Salem DMV at 154 Main Street (behind Romano's Pizzeria). Please do not bring this form to the Town Clerk's Office. We cannot process an address change unless there is a motor vehicle transaction (i.e. renewal, plate transfer).

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