What should I do if I think my meter was read incorrectly?

If you think there is a problem, we suggest you call our office.

Your meter is generally found in your basement and is your actual meter. It may be read by shining a very strong flashlight directly onto the top screen. The outside device, usually on the same wall as the inside meter is found, is a transmitter and cannot be opened. The meters usually have 6 digits on them that read like a speedometer.

If you have an exceptionally high bill, consider if any time since the last time your meter was read, you either watered a lawn, filled a pool, had extra people at the house, had a leaky toilet or faucet repaired, etc. This will help us in determining why your water bill may be higher than normal. If your bill seems exceptionally low, consider if you have been away for an extended period of time, did you have some people move out of the house i.e., children away at college, someone passed away, etc.

We will be more than happy to help you resolve any issues within our abilities. It may require you calling a plumber to make repairs.

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