Proposed Charter Amendments

Proposed Charter Amendments

The 2024 Town Warrant will propose 6 amendments to the Town Charter.  The Town of Salem initially adopted its charter in 2023.  This past year, town staff and the Council have learned of items in the charter that conflict with other parts of the charter or need to be further clarified.  Working with the Chair of the Charter Committee, we are moving forward with the following proposed amendments.  There will be a public hearing during the Town Council meeting to discuss these proposed amendments:

Public Hearing Notification

Article 02 - Charter Amendment # 1 (Town Council)

Article 03 - Charter Amendment # 2 (Administration of Government)

Article 04 - Charter Amendment # 3 (Finance)

Article 05 - Charter Amendment # 4 (Conduct of Officials/Code of Ethics)

Article 06 - Charter Amendment # 5 (7.3 - Initiative Petitions)

Article 07 - Charter Amendment # 6 (9.1 - Administrative Committees, Boards and Commissions)