Town Meeting 

2024 Town Meeting and Budget Information

Town Meeting Election Items and TimeWhat is the Town Deliberative Session and / or Town Meeting Ballot Vote / Election?

The Town Deliberative Session provides residents an opportunity to learn about, discuss, amend, and / or modify the warrant articles being put forth by the Town Council and / or Budget Committee. These articles include items such as the Town's operating budget, charter amendments, and the new Police Station project. The warrant articles passed at the Deliberative Session will be voted on at the Town Meeting Ballot Vote / Election.

The Town Meeting Ballot Vote / Election allows voters to cast an official ballot on warrant articles and elected officers of the Town (such as Town Council, Budget Committee, Planning Board, etc.). The Election is on Tuesday, March 12, 2024 from 7 AM to 7 PM at all polling locations. See below for more information on polling locations. 

This page serves for the Town Meeting Election and Budget information. For the Salem School District Election and Budget information, please visit:

**Sample Ballots to be posted after the Town Deliberative Session

Voter's Guide, Warrant, Budget, and Other Documents
2024 Warrant Voter's Guide (including more information on Warrant Articles)

Polling Locations and Hours for 2024 Town Meeting Ballot Vote / Election 


Ward 1: Vote at Fisk School - 14 Main Street Salem, NH 03079

Ward 2: Vote at Soule School - 173 South Policy Street Salem, NH 03079

Ward 3: Vote at Barron School - 55 Butler Street Salem, NH 03079

Ward 4: Vote at Senior Center - 1 Sally Sweets Way Salem, NH 03079

Ward 6: Vote North Salem School - 140 Zion Hill Road Salem, NH 03079

*NOTE: There is no Ward 5 in Salem, NH

Election & Voting Information / How to Register to Vote

  • Elections are free and open to all citizens 18 and over. 
  • Election Laws and Regulations are maintained by the State of New Hampshire's Secretary of State's Office. For further questions or concerns, you may find the laws and regulations, and any changes, here.
  • The following FAQ provide information on how, where and when to vote.

Please find a link to the Town Meeting absentee ballot application HERE. Absentee ballots applications can be printed and brought to the Town Clerk’s Office at Town Hall (33 Geremonty Drive) or mailed to:

Town of Salem

Attn: Town Clerk’s Office

33 Geremonty Drive

Salem, NH 03079

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2024 Operating Budget and Warrant Article Videos, Presentations, and Other Documents

On January 16, 2024, the Town Council voted to finalize the 2024 Warrant Articles.

Please click here to view the final 2024 Warrant Articles / Voter's Guide.

Please view the video below to see the Town Council discussion and final vote on 2024 Warrant Articles.