Industrial Road Project

Annual Industrial Road Reconstruction

General Info

Lead Department: Municipal Services - Engineering Division
Project Manager: James Danis, Capital Projects Engineer
Funding: Tax Rate

Project Details

The Town of Salem has an on-going reconstruction effort on industrial roads according to the 10-year Road program. In an effort to improve the road system for industrial development, the Town is conducting roadway improvements on at least one industrial road per year until these roads have been completed. Survey and design begins the year prior to the planned construction effort. Each road is examined for deficiencies in safety, access, maintenance, drainage and general roadway standard design conformance. Every road presents its own set of challenges, but we seek to provide the Town's residents, businesses, and visitors the best possible product within available budget constraints. Generally, road reconstruction efforts involve removing or grinding up existing pavement with the base gravels, reshaping the base material and prepping it for a new paved surface. Unserviceable drainage is replaced and supplemental drainage is added where needed to aid in protection of the new road surface. The project reconstruction efforts generally begin in early spring and extend through the construction season. The 2023 industrial road currently programmed is Keewaydin Drive.